LDG Number: LDG22022
Item available for pre-order

Adding a layer of Alpaca fur to a space is guaranteed to immediately transform it into a luxurious abode. Despite the pure opulence and luxury this element adds to a space, the use of Alpaca as rugs are supported by a host of functional characteristics.

One of the main advantages is that Alpaca fibres do not absorb moisture which makes it a natural choice for rugs as spills can easily be blotted. Alpaca is naturally resistant and is known to be flame, water, odour, stain and wrinkle resistant making it an ideal fibre for rugs.

Our rugs are hand-selected from the farm, ensuring the best quality and color combination at all times. The rugs are backed in a 100% cotton lining and double filled for extra opulence.

These rugs are available in three standard square size options and three runner style options. Should you require a custom option for your project, please send us a mail with your specifications.


W3000mm x L3000mm
W4000mm x L4000mm
W5000mm x L5000mm